Spanish for Daily-Life

“How to be a part of your foreign culture life”

What You Will Learn

“I wish I could have a nice conversation with my in-laws. They don’t know me and they will think differently of me.” “ I can’t follow my doctor even I understand Spanish. I’m scared to receive the wrong explanation.” “I hope my Nani understood me when I explained what food Dorothy eats every day”. These are many of the cases I had every day and I helped them succeed. Let me help you in your daily challenges and discover the iceberg concept meaning. It’s not about how many words you know it’s about how to use them.


Spanish (Spain and Latin American)



  • Grammar
  • Useful vocabulary
  • Tricks to talk
  • Play roles practice


Survival course

  • Minimal to zero Spanish speaking experience


  • Increase your confidence talking in Spanish being yourself so you no longer feel like a three-year-old kid with short conversations.


  • Focus on fluency, listening, and reading skills and possibly be confused for a native speaker!


  • Price starting from $12

Free material

Receive free material and two powerful tools. ​


  • A map-verbs (The nine indispensable verbs)
  • 10 fun expressions to impress Spanish speakers.


Life online classes, face-to-face on demand

Time class

1-hour class


  • Private or semi-private (1 up to 5 people)


  • No-shows or cancel classes with less than 24
    hours notice will be charged.
  • Class packages are non-refundable and
  • Class packages have an expiration of four months.
  • Payment is made upfront.



Receive one free class during your birthday month.

Previous Projects

  • Help couples for a multicultural wedding. (Spanish/English)
  • Help mix couples to understand the deep cultural differences in the regular day.
  • Help business women/men to behave in a Spanish workplace.
  • Help Airbnb, Visa, Facebook, Fair Trade, Linkedin, Salesforce, Bank of America, Oakland Regional Hospital, Drug Enforcement Administration too do business with Spanish countries.


“Carolina is the best. I’m getting married in September and my fiancé is Chilean. When I met his family a year ago I could barely communicate with them. I’ve been taking private classes with Carolina now for about 2.5 months, and my Spanish is worlds better. She’s super encouraging.”
Program Officer, Jr. Foundation
“My colleague and I took Spanish lessons from Carolina and I enjoyed every minute! Carolina makes learning Spanish fun and has a wonderful way of simplifying things so the language feels less intimidating. She encourages you to second-guess yourself less and go for it! Carolina is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her”.
Vice President at Magnum PR
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