Spanish for Business and Translations

“How to make a deal with a Spanish speaking person”

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What You Will Learn

“I didn’t know I needed to maintain constant eye contact when talking to a Spanish speaker.”
“I was surprised when I learnt it’s rude to ask two people how they know each other.”
Many non-verbal mistakes can ruin business. Maybe you know verbs, grammar, vocabulary and how you sell or translate your business, but maybe you don’t know when you should talk about money, at the beginning of the conversation or at the end. How you should follow up or set a deadline. Definitely, without those knowledge it will be too much harder to have a deal with a Spanish speaking person. Let me help you to have your dream deal.


Spanish (Spain and Latin American)



  • Increase your confidence talking in
    Spanish being yourself so you no
    longer feel like a three-year-old kid
    with short conversations.


  • Focus on fluency, listening and
    reading skills and possibly be
    confused for a native speaker!


  • Grammar
  • Useful vocabulary
  • Tricks to talk
  • Play roles practice

Free material

Receive free material and two powerful tools. ​


  • A map-verbs (The nine
    indispensable verbs)
  • The top ten Do’s and don’ts in
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Life online classes, face-to-face on demand

Time class

1 hour-class


​Private or semi private (1 up to 5 people)


  • No-shows or cancellations classes within 24 hours will be charged.
  • Class packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Class Packages have an expiration of two months.
  • Payment is made up front.



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Receive one free class during your birthday month.

Translations/Localization- Interpretations

What You Will Get

What do you mean? How many times have you said this sentence to friends, co-workers or bosses in the business atmosphere? It’s hard sometimes to understand what someone is trying to say and also if we add the cultural influence and emotions it becomes much harder.


Get the correct translation from a professional team with a vast experience in the legal and medical fields, as well as preparing presentations, brochures, creative documents, and interpretations in the business field.


Spanish (From Spain and Latin America)

A women is updated


  • Translation
  • Review


  • 50% Payment is made up front.


Contact us for a quote. *Counting by word or by project quote/time regarding goals.


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“I worked with Carolina at IDESLI as her Director of Language Courses for four years. During this time, she taught over 200 students from Beginner to Advanced levels. Many of these students were employees at companies like Google, Airbnb, eBay, or Salesforce who were working with Southamerica, and Carolina helped them do business with the local clients more effectively.”

CARLA SUHR, Language Director at IDESLI

“As an advanced student of Spanish, I highly recommend Carolina to anyone interested in learning and improving their skills.  Carolina combines an academic and intuitive approach to her teaching style and is extremely enthusiastic and engaging. She has the right combination of patience and encouragement as well as a deep interest in her students.”

STEPHEN GOMEZ, Luxury Real Estate for Smart
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