Learn Spanish Grammar In A Useful And Fun Way

Join Katy to discover all the ways to speak Spanish on a trip to Gramatica’s country. She will find adventure, drama, love, frustration, and all the keys to success in this amazing country.

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The Way you Speak Spanish Matters

“Spanish is not about how many words you know, it’s about how, where, and when using them. Believe me, how you express yourself matters. Allow me to guide you so your personality and intelligence can shine in Spanish.
Carolina F. Bravo, Communication Specialist

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Carolina F. Bravo

About Carolina

I was born in Valencia, Spain. I studied Communication and received my degree in journalism and I moved to San Francisco becoming a Spanish instructor helping people in Spanish for travels, business, translations and, struggles in the Spanish daily life. In my free time, I work on personal growth by practicing yoga and meditation.

Carolina’s Story

“My colleague and I took Spanish lessons from Carolina and I enjoyed every minute! Carolina makes learning Spanish fun and has a wonderful way of simplifying things so the language feels less intimidating. She encourages you to second-guess yourself less and go for it! Carolina is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her”.

ANNIE HAPPEL, Vice President at Magnum PR

“After taking just a handful of classes with Carolina I was able to visit Mexico City and have the language skills needed to communicate effectively with people on day to day conversations or questions. She teaches in a way that is easy for the learner to understand and get the bigger picture of how the Spanish language flows and changes according to the speaker, tense and subject. Highly recommend”.

JASON CASTLEBERRY, Manager of HR at SF Housing Department

Carolina kindly came to my university while she stayed in Japan and she gave amazing lectures about Spanish culture to my students. As she contained not only old traditions but current topics which attract young students, they were totally inspired and motivated to go to Spain. I love the way she teaches because she always care interactive communication with students. My students miss her a lot also miss her attractive personality and intellectuality.

MIKI INUI, Associate Professor, University of Hyogo, Japan
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Are you thinking to move to a Spanish-speaking country or using Spanish for work? I did it moving to San Francisco, Kyoto, Amsterdam, and Florence and I know all feelings, questions, and how you can be lost in translation and in the Spanish process. I’m a Communication Spanish specialist and I’m teaching a communication and survival culture course just for you. Use your time properly!!

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