Journalistic dream

I was born in Valencia, Spain. I was a curious child and it’s been my dream to be able to tell the world about everything that was happening around. Naturally, I studied Communications as my major and I received a degree in journalism. I spent 13 years working at the second largest media group, Vocento, writing for Las Provincias newspaper. During that time I wrote over 300 articles each year and published numerous exclusive front page news.

TV anchorwoman

I spent over 13 years updating  everyone on what was happening in my hometown, Valencia. The last three years, I was on a digital channel offering the best news. I enjoyed the adrenaline telling news in real time and knowing relevant people in the politician, business and fashion world.

Out of my Comfort Zone

In 2012 I came to San Francisco trying to discover more about myself. I left my house, my convertible car, and successful career in Valencia and got out of my comfort zone, and traveled to San Francisco to find a job and a new life. I didn’t find the journalism American dream I was looking for, but I found another woman inside of me who was more courageous and who loved the favorite word, why. I started to understand myself better and I explored my spiritual path through yoga philosophy and meditation.

Spanish Teacher and Translator

I decided to offer the best skill I could share in the US, my language focusing on the Spanish-speaking communication market. I continued my studies at Stanford University​ where I took a digital marketing course and then Spanish as a second language course at Berkeley University. During those years I was working with well-known companies in Silicon Valley​ such as Airbnb, eBay, Google, Visa helping them build a strong business relationship with Latin America and Spain.

Autor Two Spanish books

Taking from my Journalism background, I was able to discover the best and easiest ways to teach Spanish. This non-stop research eventually became a unique Spanish book made with idiomatic expressions, “Nacida para Comerme el mundo”. It’s a fun and easy-to-read book with humorous illustrations showing the culture-shocked a woman experienced living in San Francisco. Three years later I wrote my second book after my trip to Asia, “Backpacking 30 days in Gramatica”, where I share all the strategies to speak Spanish fast and easily. I continued my studies and I became certified as a foreign language Spanish instructor by the Instituto Cervantes.

Traveler in South Asia

After six years working very hard learning about the San Francisco life and making thousands of cultural mistakes, I decided to leave the US and I went to explore the unknown South Asia ​I had always dreamed of knowing. I lived for about a year in Asia traveling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, and New Zealand. I learned how important is to know the culture in order to connect with everyone. I share my life experiences through my Youtube channel​.

Culture Research

I fell in love with the Buddhist philosophy living with monks and teaching them English and learning from them to listen to my heart. I learned meditation techniques in ancient temples. Observing life and discovering what the important things in life for me are. It has nothing to do with money or power, it’s about compassion and respect. I wrote all these experiences and feelings in my blog to give others a different perspective than what the media or public speakers share with them.

After my experience in Asia, I met the man of my life and I went to his country the Gambia to start my own project helping kids. 

Mission in Life

I discovered my purpose in life is to help everyone by using my experience in life and in business communication to help others with their business struggles. Offering my linguistic strategies for people who want to communicate in Spanish in the best, fastest and easiest way. My life lessons will help you to increase your confidence in speaking Spanish because Spanish is more than just words and rolling your Rs. Let me guide you on your language improvement journey, and you’ll, in turn, allow me to continue helping the children in the Gambia, one of the poorest countries in Africa. My work will be for the organization:

Smiling kids in Gambia

Please help me to give Education to these kids as you had. 


Jere jeff / Namaste/ Thank you!!

Niños en Gambia

If you would like to learn more about me feel free to Contact me: ​

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